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Equilibrium U.S.G. (Urban Survival Gear) is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality modular products, namely bags. We believe there is a current untapped market opportunity for what we call “tweekers,” those who never leave enough alone. Our consumers will have the ability to creatively utilize our products to conform to their unique lifestyle which will enhance their overall experience with any of our products.

Equilibrium U.S.G. (Urban Survival Gear) embodies the essence of balance that is essential to the urban lifestyle. The name “Equilibrium” originates from the balanced lifestyle and flow that its products represent.  Each system offers modularity, flexibility and functionality so you are not constricted.

EQ wants to be a part of your journey.  We strive to provide a modular experience by accessorizing you with the equipment needed to get you “From Here 2 There.” At the same time, there are the tangible products and then the higher level of thought behind them. Whether it’s the P.A.C. system, T.R.A.C. system, our upcoming B.L.O.C. system, or add-on accessories, the question is always, “What else can you do with it?” By answering this question, you will always find new ways to create uses for the products to fit your everyday lifestyle. This approach allows the system to better adapt to your various lifestyles versus you conforming to your gear. We will continue evolving our products and growing our business while maintaining our product’s uniqueness and high quality.

To meet the demands of our customers, in late 2011, we completed expansion project overseas. In conjunction, we formed a design, marketing and media team to begin launching our 2012 nationwide campaign entitled, “Equilibrium…Find Yours.”

“Find Yours” Campaign
With the ever-changing demands from our day gigs to our nightlife, we deliver the opportunity for the user to modularly attach and remove parts and pieces of the P.A.C. System, ORDNANCE accessories, and SKYN designs as necessary. “Find Yours” is our way of encouraging the urban nomad to simplify their lives with an unprecedented harmony of style and utilitarian mastery. Behind each tangible product stands a higher level of thought, yielding a system that conforms to the user rather than vice versa. Infinite variations through infinite customization…so go ahead…and FIND YOURS.

New Logo
With the start of a new year, comes a fresh look for the entire Equilibrium Urban Survival Gear identity. Over the years, with the help of our fans’ and customers’ support, EQ has grown and matured into a thriving business.  In response to this growth, we’ve redesigned our logo mark to better represent the modularity of our products with a cleaner, more edgier look. Our Creative Director and Founder, Morris Jamlang, pulled inspiration from the Möbius strip – a strip of paper twisted and attached at the ends to form an ‘endless’ two diminutional surface –  to continue the look of the infinity symbol. The spaces in-between each portion of the logo was intentional to create a sense of illusion of an endless line. Formed from blocky, separate pieces placed together – the logo as a whole becomes a balanced mark. The typeface, also custom designed by Jamlang, continues the flower of lifework to keep its consistency with the mark itself and to future represent endlessness.

Company Background
Equilibrium U.S.G. is a modular gear and accessories company. Research and design took roughly two years to complete with an additional year of quality testing among friends and family before the bags were introduced to our first retail opportunity at A.Okay, located in Chicago’s Wrigleyville area; home to the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team.  It was nicely situated in a high traffic area with an ecclectic demographic. Since then, we not only sell online, we have also branched out to 5 brick and mortar locations in the Chicagoland area.

Product Line
Equilibrium USG designs and manufactures modular systems; currently urban gear and accessories. Our first introduction into the market was our Portable All-Purpose Containment (P.A.C.) System, which consists of the following: Base (Harness), Payload (Messenger), and Skyn.  The easiest way to explain the concept is, “Legos for Bags.”  Each piece can be sold separately, as each item can be used by itself and interchangeably as a system. There are three base harness sizes, each ergonomically designed to hug the user with breathable mesh to promote ventilation during use.

The system offers three sized Payloads, or bags, in different styles with numerous amounts of pockets and compartments fitting laptops up to 17″. In addition, there is an infinite selection of Skyns, which are also customizable.  Designs can be submitted electronically using our online templates.  Within a few weeks you can start wearing your own artwork on your back. On each of these three main components, there is a molle system, also used in military or tactical gear, to connect Ordnances, or accessories, that allows one to further customize and build out their bag. It gives you so much flexibility in terms of storage and design while providing solid craftsmanship that does not sacrifice comfort or style.

Carrying your gear is now a fashionable, customizable and modular experience in-step with your urban lifestyle.

In addition to the “P.A.C. system,” we recently released small amounts of our newly designed “T.R.A.C. (Transport Retention Armored Component) System” which includes various accessories aimed at customers that use road or fixed gear bicycles as their mode of transportation in the city. These products appeal to individuals that need containers versatile enough to be used in different situations.

Equilibrium USG also began its first design contest entitled “SKYN DEEP” in 2008 as a way to give back to the artist community and get their art exposed to a much broader demographic via web and on someone’s back. Additionally, artists have the ability to earn commissions on their work sold. This was an endeavor also to increase our skyn selection for the company’s product line.  We went global in the 3rd year of Skyn Deep with our first submission coming in from Indonesia. Our goal in the next 2-3 years is to take it nationwide doing bi-annual and regional contests and make it a full scale production involving renowned artists and convention-style activities to help boost our credibility.

Artists from around the world compete for a chance to get their art worn by you! SKYN DEEP is Equilibrium USG’s annual themed Artist Competition.

Because of increased interest world-wide, we have welcomed any and all flat design based art forms including, but not limited to, paint, photography, digital based mediums, graffiti, and any combination of the aforementioned.

The EQ Crew scours through all received submissions to find the pieces that are most representative of the Skyn Deep theme. The best works are posted to EQ’s web gallery to be judged and voted on over a course of 3-4 weeks.  The top 3 designs (decided by online votes, EQ Team and an artist panel) will be reproduced for sale as LIMITED EDITION SKYNS. The winning designs will be sold at all our participating retail and internet locations, giving the artists a chance to earn commissions on their hard work.

We offer a 3 year limited warranty

Customer Service
We understand that our customers keep us in business.  We work hard to stay on top of online inquiries and are responsive to all of our current and potential customers providing them with professional and engaging service.


Craftsmenship – Each of our sewers have at least 20 years of advanced sewing experience.  They have gone through years of special training in order to achieve the level of expertise required to produce one of these bags. This reflects on the high quality and engineering of the product. Special sewing techniques were developed for specific areas of each component. This requires very highly skilled sewers with advanced knowledge of working with textile.

Engineering – The Recon Payloads or Containers comprises of over 250 assembled parts. The Harness has over 150 pieces sewn together. The entire system requires close to 500 pieces to be constructed as a system (Harness, Bag & Skyn).  Compared to most bags, this bag has at least 3-5 times more components than the average bag making it very durable and long lasting.

High Grade Material – Our bags are made with 840 & 1680 denier Ballistic and Cordura nylon for the best durability. 840 & 1680 denier ballistic nylon is a tough fabric that’s also light. Cordura is heavier, but tough. Denier measures the weight of a fabric; a higher denier represents a stronger material. This is the same material used for making the shell of bulletproof vests & hauls of seafaring crafts.  We use YKK zippers which are the best in the industry. They play an integral part in keeping the bag water resistant which will be explained below.

Water Resistant & Water Proof – The level of water resistance is on par and better than most bags. The reverse tape on the zippers allows it to shed water easily compared to regular forward zippers. The front and sides of the bags contain polyethalene sheets which not only provide rigidity to the bag to keep its shape, even when not fully loaded, it also acts as additional protection from sharp objects or edges that can otherwise puncture and damage inside goods.  In wet conditions, it will help to keep the contents inside the bag dry. The skyn adds another protective layer to the area it covers, water proof. We are looking to add a rain guard to provide a waterproof membrane that fully covers the bag when it rains or snows.

We will be looking to design other modular systems beyond gear and accessories in the near future.