2015 Event Calendar

Wondering where we’ll be this year? Join us at the following conventions!

Kollision Con, Chicago, IL, 1/02-04/15
Anime Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, 2/13-15/15
Walker Stalker Con, Chicago, IL, 2/21-22/15 
Wizard World Chicago
Fan Fest, Chicago, IL 3/07-08/15
Indiana Comic Con, Indianapolis, IN 3/13-15/15
Anime Matsuri Convention, Houston, TX 4/03-05/15
Midwest Djs Live, Milwaukee, WI 4/12-13/15
C2E2, Chicago, IL 4/24-26/15
Anime Central, Chicago, IL 5/15-17/15
Gridlife, South Haven, MI 5/29-31/15
FLORIDA SUPERCON, Miami, FL 6/25-28/15
Anime Expo®, Los Angeles, CA 7/02/05/15
San Diego Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA 7/08-12/15
MECShow, Chicago, IL 07/17-18/15
Otakon, Baltimore, MD 7/24-26/15
Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN 7/30-8/02/15
Wizard World, Chicago, IL 8/20-23/15
Lake Count.I.Con, Grays Lake, IL 8/29-30/15
Salt Lake City Comic Con, Salt Lake City, UT, 9/24-26/15
Anime Weekend Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, 9/24-27/14
New York Comic Con, New York, NY 10/08-11/15
YoumaCon, Detroit, MI, 10/29-11/01/15
Daisho Con, Kalahari Resorts, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 11/20-22/15

(schedule subject to change)