Skyn Deep 2014 WINNERS!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite design for our 5th installment of SKYN DEEP Design Competition, themed BUILT, in conjunction with & Foundation International!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners!
100% of the profits of these skyns sold go back to the foundation. When you purchase a bag with any of these skyns, another special designed bag is given to an excelling student from one of Apl’s schools in the Philippines. BUY A BAG, GIVE A BAG!

1. Apl.De.Ap: WHO YOU ARE from Brooklyn, New York
2. Equilibrium USG: ITAYO from Manila, Philippines
3. People’s Choice: BUILDING BLOCKS from Tokyo, Japan

Thank you to all who participated from all over the world! Thank you to Apl.De.Ap Foundation for this partnership! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth during Rebuild Philippines to get a demo of how our system works! The event was amazing and we look forward to many more!

1. Who You Are
Brooklyn, NY

Who you are as a person is not just because you’re born with it but it’s something that is built as you go through life. All the things around you (such as what‘s written in the background of the piece) contribute to who you are today and what you want to be. You may have been born in the countryside or in the city but these doesn’t identify the person that you are. However, one thing remains for certain that you will always be under one sun while you move forward and build the best version of yourself.

2. Itayo
Manila, Philippines

Babayin is the ancient Filipino script. Looking to the past to get inspiration for the future is one way to connect the dots to your roots. Filipinos have long assimilated to western ideologies, but preserving culture has always been an important part of identifying the important aspects of what makes you-you.

3. Building Blocks
Tokyo, Japan

Video games, like Tetris, have always inspired my art. Living in Japan, where design and creativity at the minute level are the building blocks of our society, identity is sculpted and perfected daily to build a strong & distinctive culture.