Skyn Deep 2014 Contestants!

Here are your chosen contestants for Skyn Deep 2014, themed, BUILT. We’d like to thank from the Black Eyed Peas and Foundation International for this collaboration! It’s been an honor to work with such an amazing organization!
Thanks to all the artist around the world for their time and effort in creating some wonderful designs for a great cause! Good Luck to everyone!

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Voting period ends Saturday, June 07 at midnight!
Winners will be announced Sunday, June 08 at Rebuild Philippines Benefit Concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California!

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Chicago, IL

This work explores the issues of boundaries and separation. With natural disasters, global environmental degradation, and ongoing conflicts, the charged intensity of different forces explore notions of vulnerability of existing within a group or at the margins of a group.

Built to Live and Love
Cicero, IL

Without life in your soul nothing can be built and you need love and dedication to achieve your goals. Many amazing leaders, inventors and artists envision greatness and achieve it; however there is always an end so a new cycle of believers and dreamers can have their turn.

Rebuilt the Future
Berlin, Germany

The Idea behind the Design is that many hands e.g. people with different skills can rebuild the future as a great team. The attributes also represent what it is supported in people by rebuilding the Philippines.